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Are you looking for an English speaking psychologist, therapist or coach in Maastricht?

My name is Monique Rosier. I am a registered integral psychologist, therapist, coach and (couples) counsellor.

✓ Are you experiencing a lot of pressure at work?
✓ Is stress affecting your mood, productivity and relationships?
✓ Do you have a hard time expressing yourself and your own needs?
✓ Do you feel emotionally overwhelmed?

In my practice I support a lot of people who want help to get their lives back on track. I will help you get greater insight into the problems you face and we will work on skills and techniques on how you can deal with these difficulties.

English-speaking therapy

Individual therapy and Couples therapy

Being in a relationship while having psychological complaints generally means that two persons suffer. Starting individual therapy is already quite a big decision. Deciding together with your partner to go into couples therapy requires courage and bravery on both your parts. What you usually get in return, however, is clarity, more insight and change.

First, though, there are several general things to consider. If one person in a relationship develops psychological complaints such as nervous tension, depression, anxieties or tormenting feelings of inferiority, this can, after several exploratory sessions, give cause for starting a series of individual sessions aimed at decreasing or eliminating these complaints.

Sometimes there is also reason to invite your partner along to go over things like: is your complaint causing problems for your partner, what has your partner already done about it, how does your partner unknowingly and unintentionally maintain the complaint, and, possibly, what is the function of the complaint within the relationship? Individual troubles can disrupt the interaction within a relationship and can erode the quality of the relationship for both persons.

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5 / 5 sterren – Nicole

“I had a truly good experience with Monique. She made me feel at ease and I always felt comfortable at her sessions. I would strongly recommend her to everyone.”


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Feelings of guilt

Feelings of guilt often play a strong and crucial role. The one having the complaint (the symptom carrier) often thinks: it’s me, or my past, causing this! By feelings of guilt: the partner may think: I’m doing something wrong since I can’t make my partner happy (or can’t take away the complaint).

Unfortunately, guilt feelings which are too strong can sometimes be a reason not to go into therapy (discussing guilt feelings is the same as reliving them). The first step in therapy is often precisely the pushing away of that feeling of guilt, first by calling it by name the moment it is actually felt, and then by putting it in its more proper place. After all, BEING THE CAUSE OF IS NOT THE SAME AS BEING GUILTY OF!

Relationship Counselling

Where did it go wrong?

When one of the couple is in love with a third person, for example, discussion in couples therapy can often open the way for getting back to the basis of the relationship, the relationship as it was at the outset.

An analysis of the history of the relationship along with the feelings felt toward one another during its various phases gives insight for answering questions like: Where did it go wrong? How did the arrival of children change the relationship? The death of a parent, how did that interfere with mutual communication and did this lead to very different grieving processes, such that you drifted apart? How in the recent past has sickness or depression afflicting one of the couple been dealt with?

Types of difficulties and issues

Types of issues

Types if issues

Counselling and therapy can help when facing, for example, the following difficulties:

✓ Anxiety
✓ Burnout and stress
✓ Communication issues
✓ Depression
✓ Divorce
✓ Fears
✓ Grief and loss
✓ Personal development
✓ Relationship problems

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Monique Rosier
Psychologist, VIT, RBCZ

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